Baby Cribs And Other Needed Accessories


If you’re a mom, you always want the absolute best for your precious baby. But, when you’re a new mom, sometimes choosing the best baby accessories, including the all-important crib, can be extremely difficult if you’re not sure what to buy. As a first-time mom, I was in the same predicament; there were so many choices that I didn’t know what to think! If you feel like I did before I had my precious son, please keep reading. After nine months of desperate searching combined with my new mommy experience, I’ve created the following list of top baby accessories that should help you narrow down your search!

So, what are the top baby accessories you will need to make your new mommy life a little easier? You will need these four critical items: a great diaper bag, a comfortable crib or bassinet, a safe car seat, and some entertaining toys to keep your precious little bundle of joy busy.

A Great Diaper Bag

hdghdg874I’m sure you’ve already been searching for diaper bags in-store and online. Don’t be fooled, though. Many of the pricier brands are an unnecessary expense. Save yourself some money (you’ll be needing it for diapers) and go with a more affordable choice. My diaper bag is a $25 Damero bag. With 4.5 stars on Amazon, this diaper bag holds true to its reputation. It’s roomy, and I love all of the extra pockets inside. There’s also a thermal pocket designed to keep your baby bottles both hot and cold. I actually chose this bag over the hand-me-down $188 Petunia Pickle Bottom bag that my sister-in-law gave me because the Damero had more room.

A Comfortable Crib and Bassinet

Our baby’s sleep is absolutely critical to their growth and development. My husband and I chose not to do co-sleeping, so we knew we needed to buy a great crib. Our son slept in his crib every night since he was two-weeks-old, and now our 10-month-old sleeps up to 12 hours straight with no waking! Our crib is a simple, beautiful wooden crib from Walmart ($154). We ordered it online after extensive research, and so far, it’s worked out great. When buying a crib, make sure that it has a drop-down option for the mattress.

As your baby learns to sit up and stand, you want to make sure that you can lower the mattress so they can’t fall out. Before my son learned to sit up and stand, I would put him down for his nap in a Graco Pack-n-Play bassinet ($56). This also worked great for naps and nighttime sleep when visiting friends and family. Now that he is crawling, I use the Pack-n-Play to keep him safe while I do chores throughout the house!

It is highly recommended that you take the time to see tips and reviews so you will be able to choose only the best crib for your baby. A lot of companies out there can provide you with the greatest tips. If you are currently searching for the best baby crib, you can find their company website by clicking this link right here.

A Safe Car-Seat

There is nothing more important to me as a mom than my son’s safety in the car. Out of all the baby accessories I purchased, I probably did the most research on his car seat. Simply put, the more the car seat costs, the safer it is; if you want your child to be safe, do not skimp on this purchase. Our car seat, a Graco SnugRide Click Connect 35LX Infant Car Seat ($180), has a base that stays in the car, so you don’t have to buckle and unbuckle the seatbelt every time you take your child in and out. Not only do I love the convenience of the click-and-go base, when I see my precious son in the car seat, I feel like he’s the safest, and snuggest, bug in a rug. Also, we chose not to buy the grow-with-me car seat simply because we plan on having more kids and this expensive seat can be used again for our next bundle of joy.

Entertaining Toys

hgdhgd74These are a must-have if you ever want to get anything done around your house. Your best bet is a baby play gym that will keep your little one busy while you fold the laundry (or sit on your behind and rest like you deserve!). These wonderful creations not only help your new baby stay entertained but teach them important motor skills like reaching and hand-eye coordination. I chose the Fisher-Price 3-in-1 Convertible Car Gym ($55). Other great, affordable brands include Baby Einstein and Infantino.

No matter what brand you decide to go with, make sure that you have all of these four important baby accessories before you meet your precious little one. If you’re still overwhelmed, don’t worry too much: the good news is that you’ll be a mommy-pro before you know it!

Shop Safe Online


Online shopping has brought about a great convenience for those that do not want to go out of their homes just to check out the latest stuff. With more localized online shops, people do not have to worry too much about shipping costs either. However, this doesn’t mean that you can let your guard down even though the place where you are ordering from is near and legitimate.

These tips will ensure that you shop safe online

Scan your system for malware

qaswxdcfdfMany forms of malware are there to annoy you and consume system resources. There might be others that are more lethal acting as key loggers that can obtain personal account information including your credit card information. Many of the top commercial anti-virus software including some freeware solutions can detect these key loggers. So be sure you have one installed and do a full scan before making any purchases.

Upgrade your operating system and browser

If you found some suspicious malware in your system, you might be wondering how the malware managed to get in there in the first place. Most likely it is due to a vulnerability within the computer system that the malware took advantage of. Check for updates in your operating system as patches are released to prevent these exploits. Do the same for your browser as well for an extra layer of security.

Carefully look at the site Address before making any transactions

The latest browsers include anti-phishing technologies that can detect fake shopping websites that do nothing but keep your details for malicious use. These anti-phishing technologies aren’t perfect and may not identify all sites. But if you have a good eye, you can tell immediately if the site is fake by looking at the address. Check the domain and make sure that the home page is the actual online store.

Read any supplied terms and conditions

If you are buying an item from an individual or group, some terms and conditions may be laid out regarding any shipping policies, warranties and other important notes about the product. Not reading this valuable information may lead you to purchase the wrong item. Some sellers may offer the same product, but different terms and conditions, so it always helps to read all the details.

Double check your shopping cart or order

swdcfsdAfter you added all of your desired products in the shopping cart, the simple next step is to proceed to check out and supplying the payment information and shipping details. Before you hit that “Send” button, double check all of the items to see if anything is missing. Calculate the amounts yourself and see if the numbers match.

How To Get The Best Coupon Codes


You know that two of the ways to improve your profit margin is to save money on buying your products and attract more customers; knowing where to find coupons to save you money can let you meet both objectives. Even if you get a discount from a wholesaler or your shipper, you can still save more money by using the discounts and coupon codes that companies offer. You just have to know how to get the best coupon codes that will save you money.

Coupon codes

Know when to look

qwsdfdcfMost companies change their promotional codes and coupons at the beginning of each month, so check back with wholesalers to see what is being offered. The faster you get on it, the faster your new orders will be in and the sooner you can be saving money.

Do your research

There are legitimate websites that do the work of hunting up a variety of promotional coupons for you and offer them out to their members at a small fee. This cuts down on your work considerably, but make sure to look for independent reviews of the website to ensure that the information is correct and that the site is legit. By this same token, check out forums and websites where people pool their research on promotional coupons and codes; you can learn quite a bit for free or nearly free as long as you’re willing to sift through the information.

Social media

Go through the big name sites too: Google, YouTube and social media like Facebook and Twitter. Often companies will post that they have promotional coupons on social websites. This is an excellent way to get a hold of ‘secret coupons’; those which companies only want to give to a select few and are splendid as a result. On social media sites, become a ‘fan’ or a ‘friend’ or the equivalent of these companies to learn about deals before anyone else and even take place in contests that can save you some money on your order.

Good rapport

ssdxdcFinally, work on a good rapport with the company. While this is no guarantee of getting the best deals, it certainly can’t hurt. Having friends in retail is a good way to at least be aware when a deal is coming or what to expect out of it, so play nicely with your fellow retailers.
Knowing how to find the best coupons to save you money is a great way to increase your profit margin. Not only will you save money in the initial buy, but you can also pass these savings along, meaning that you will remain competitive and have happy customers that are more likely to refer your internet business to their friends and family.