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How to Shop Online Safely

Credit card fraud is seemingly ubiquitous, and thieves love to use the Internet to steal people’s credit card information because it offers anonymity. Many customers believe that the only way to protect themselves is to avoid online purchases altogether. While this is only one way to avoid having your credit card information stolen, it also means never shopping online. The market for online services and products is growing at a rapid pace because customers know they can quickly find the best deals when they shop online using 24s cashback. If you don’t shop online, you’re missing out on most of these great deals. Let’s first talk about the steps to take in case of credit card fraud.

Check the Website Security


Online shoppers can use Google’s Safe Browsing Tool to check whether or not a website is safe, assuming, of course, that you browse on Google. This tool reports whether or not the site is suspicious, whether or not Google has recently renamed the site, whether or not the site has done anything suspicious before, and reports whether or not it links to a suspicious site, even if the site itself is not doing anything suspicious.

Inspect the Payment Method


Another layer of security you can use when shopping online is to use trusted third-party payment processes. They allow customers to pay for services and products. For example, this means that whenever a customer buys something, they do not pay directly to the website they are buying from. She pays the amount she owes to PayPal, then PayPal pays the seller, so the seller never sees her credit card information, and her credit card information was sent online within that store.

It doesn’t matter if the customer buys from the same website or hundreds of websites. As long as, when using a third party payment method, the credit card information was not provided, then the information did not circulate on the web at every website where a purchase was made. Added third-party payment systems much like PayPal include Google Wallet along with Amazon Payments.